Benefits of Glass Lunch Box

Ⅰ. Different materials of lunch boxes

The lunch boxes we usually use are made of many materials, most of which are made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and glass. Generally, there are refrigerators and microwave ovens in the pantry of the company, so some colleagues will choose to bring their own lunch. Basically, they use glass lunch boxes. Of course, some people use plastic or stainless steel lunch boxes.

Ⅱ. Why do so many people like to use glass bento boxes? 

The main reason is that the glass bento box is more reassuring in comparison. Here are the benefits of glass lunch boxes:

1. The glass bento box has good sealing and fresh-keeping performance

The glass lunch box has all the freshness and airtightness of the ordinary fresh-keeping box.

2. The glass bento box is healthy and safe

The glass bento box is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, and the lid is made of high-grade PP and imported silica gel materials. It does not contain mercury, lead, cadmium (such as heavy metals), PVC and other harmful substances, and it is harmless to the human body, which is eco-friendly. The high borosilicate heat-resistant glass material has a high safety factor, and will never cause self-explosion similar to tempered glass, and the thermal expansion coefficient is small.

3. The glass lunch box is heat-resistant and cold-resistant

The glass lunch box can withstand a wide range of sharp temperature changes (≥120°C), heat resistance up to 800°C, and can withstand high or low temperatures (-20°C-120°C) for a long time. The glass lunch box can be safely used in a microwave oven or dishwasher. Whether it is heated for a long time or frozen, it can be guaranteed not to be deformed.

4. No peculiar smell remains in the glass bento box

Use glass lunch boxes to store strong-smelling foods, and no odor will remain after washing. The glass lunch box has strong corrosion resistance and is easier to clean. The food color will not remain on the box, so it is neat and clean.

5. The glass lunch box is more abrasion resistant

The glass lunch box will not be scratched after long time use, and the hot food can be stored directly without cooling, and the freshness of the food will not be reduced.

6. The appearance of the glass bento box is translucent

The glass lunch box has a bright and transparent glass body, and the food inside is clear at a glance. The transparent appearance and strong texture make the table food and beautiful objects coexist.

7. The glass lunch box is versatile and practical

It can be refrigerated, frozen, microwaved, and fresh, suitable for storing all kinds of food, and the glass lunch box is suitable for refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, dishwashers and many other machines.

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