CNCrown Checkered Lunch Box

How important is lunch? According to scientific investigations, lunch accounts for a large proportion of 40% of the daily nutrient supply and energy intake required by the human body, and it is also a key connecting point. A healthy lunch can not only ensure the good operation of mental and physical functions of the day, but also an important cornerstone of the long-term healthy development of the human body. So, for modern social groups, especially most of the migrant workers and students who have been away for a long time, how to ensure the health of this lunch? Undoubtedly, bringing your own lunch box has become the first choice!

1. CnCrown checkered lunch box is favored by consumers

According to the latest consumer market dynamics survey, CnCrown checkered lunch box has leapt to the top of the lunch box and bento box products in terms of sales, and has become the most popular lunch box products of the year with a consumer satisfaction of 99.8%.

2. Advantages of CnCrown checkered lunch box

In this consumer market dynamic survey, the participants are all students and white-collar workers who bring their own lunch meals, and they have adopted this dining style for at least two years. They have tried various types of bento boxes. So the statistical survey results will have more practical pertinence, reference and universality. 

Among them, the most stringent is the safety of lunch box products. As we all know, during the development of the lunch box industry, due to technical difficulties, cost constraints, lack of management and other convenient problems, harmful chemical ingredients such as bisphenol A and plasticizers appear in various inferior and low-quality products, causing great harm to human health. This time, the CnCrown checkered lunch box, on the one hand, takes the lead in adopting all food-grade high-quality PP materials imported from South Korea in terms of product materials. On the other hand, it implements mirror polishing and scientific arc design on the appearance of the product. It is thoroughly cleaned with 360° no dead corners and will not be contaminated with oil, so the safety performance and health factor of the product are guaranteed from the inside and outside.

As the most popular hot-selling product of the year, the surprise of the CnCrown checkered lunch box lies in the functional practicability and design experience of the product, which brings more convenience to lunch box users. The thin and light design is easy to put in the schoolbag and is not easy to lose. The unique internal fully sealed structure design can prevent odor and dripping, and there is no need to worry about food mixing and easy breeding of bacteria. It is very suitable for active and young groups; while white-collar groups prefer a 3.4CM ultra-slim volume design, which can be easily put into a briefcase or computer bag. Even if you are doing business outside before going to work, you don't need to worry about the inconvenience of carrying lunch boxes.

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