CNCROWN has a professional design team that can provide our partners with overall support from design idea to design a plan of both product design and package design. Each product is full of our designers' ingenuity based on their profound understanding of consumer needs.

  • Original full printing: CNCROWN can draw from the most popular elements of the season, and customize your own printing patterns with UV technology, which will be the focal point of people.

  • Storage structure:  To create a unique storage function through the change of the size between the boxes, the upper container can be inserted into the lower container.

rectangular lunch box

  • Strap structure: A lunch box with an elastic band can strengthen the leakproof function but make the product design more classic simple, easy to clean with no wearing parts, and more durable.

  • Stackable structure: Two inner lids to seal each layer independently, separate food without odour, detachable and stackable, freely choose the numbers of the layers you like.

  • R-angle structure: Also known as chamfer, it is often used at the bottom corner of a lunch box. Compared with a right-angle structure, it is easier to clean and not easy to hide dirt.

  • Independent sealing structure: As a professional lunch box factory, CNCROWN produces lunch boxes with sealed compartments. Generally, our products will not only have no leakage problem, but they can also make sure the whole container is leakproof, which gains the practical patent design.

plastic bento lunch boxes

  • Integrated Handle Structure: Handle design with stable and shockproof features can be used more efficiently without using the bag.

  • Integrated Clips Structure: Updated from the traditional clips, it is integrated with the top lid without bending but can close automatically, which makes the opening and closing more convenient.

  • Cutlery storage Structure: the lid is not only a lid to separate two layers but also can be a storage space to put the cutlery.

  • Multifunctional clips structure: A breakthrough compared with traditional clips design can only fix one layer of a lunch box, the multi-function clip design with the same clips can fix in one layer or double layers by two bulges on the backside of clips, it is more flexible and convenient to fix the lunch box and original design patent by CNCROWN.

plastic lunch box with compartments

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