CNCROWN Environmentally Friendly Lunch Box Leads the Product Price Revolution

In the current environmentally friendly lunch box industry market, as the leader of mid-to-high-end consumer brands, CNCROWN has already become the standardization of various standards in the industry in terms of product safety and health, functional diversity, and wide application. To a certain extent, it directly leads the development direction of the future in environmentally friendly lunch box field. Therefore, when CNCROWN's product R&D department once again proposed the brand promotion concept of "not only low price" after "more than safety", it quickly focused on its industry and the consumer market and discussed the reason behind and the deep intention of this move.

As we all know, in the fifteen years of development of CNCROWN environmentally friendly lunch box, the primary brand concept pursued is based on the essential attributes of the products, such as zero-hazard chemical ingredients, imported production materials, multi-functional design, which require huge scientific research, manpower and financial investment. Therefore, the production cost of CNCROWN's many series of products remains high, and it can only strive to reduce profit margins to achieve a balance of cost performance. Then, will the low-price concept this time directly affect the quality of the corresponding products? In many media inquiries, the relevant person in charge of the CNCROWN brand responded that low-price products promoted by low-quality attributes are not suitable for today's modern consumption field. Many important factors can also directly affect the quality of products, including the product price.

In the further introduction, in 2015, we can know that CNCROWN's raw material procurement has achieved a global coverage integration policy, the optimization of raw material costs has been achieved, and in the product production line, many years of scientific and technological investment has reached a fairly mature stage. The cost quantification and cost time have been greatly reduced. At the same time, the creative concept of the design team, the core of the CNCROWN brand, has been improved again. Through the principles of practicality and simplicity, it has revolutionized the traditional lunch box products with the shortcoming of  cumbersome, redundant design, and the addition of trend-oriented and personalized interpretations. From these aspects, the advent of CNCROWN's low-cost environmentally friendly lunch box represents the birth of CNCRown's higher-quality products.

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