Good News Bento Box Expert Cncrown Won The German Red Dot Award

The winners of the 2020 German Red Dot Design Awards have been announced. With the independent design and development of "rice husk fiber series bento box", the expert CNCROWN stood out from the many works submitted around the world and won the German Red Dot Product Design Award. Adhering to the founding tenet of "pursuing excellence in design and innovation", Red Dot has become one of the biggest and most influential design competitions in the world after the test of time and is known as the "Oscar" in the industrial design industry.

CNCROWN design team holds the concept of "gathering every bit of life, casting diamond quality" brand, advocating to obtain product design inspiration from consumer life and integrate craftsmanship to benefit life. On the basis of satisfying the function of the product itself, more creative ideas are used to carry the connotation of the product, so as to spread the beauty of humanistic care in daily life with meals. The award-winning rice husk fiber lunch box is inspired by the traditional Chinese culture of "harmony between man and nature" and emphasizes the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Therefore, it is made of rice husk fiber, which is safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable, thus expressing the friendship to nature. The appearance of the application of the "round heaven and earth" concept, further fit the inspiration of the center Characteristic handheld design, stable and shockproof, keep the delicate table, can discard cumbersome bags, make use of more efficient; Double sealed box body, separating food without odor; The storage layer opened between the box body can be placed tableware; The three complement each other and contribute to an easy life with meals.

husk fiber 2 layer-portable lunch box

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