Crown Classic Speckle

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Characteristics of Crown Classic Speckle

Multi- functional Stainless Lunch Box

Crown Classic Speckle

Crown Classic Speckle


The combination of a double bento box and a lunch bag is our evergreen hot seller sets. The design of the drawstring bags makes the bento lunch bag look more artistic and design sense.

The printing of the bag and the printing of the bento box are set against each other. The green leaf printing combines nature and our bento box to make our products looks healthier and more environmentally friendly. In addition to the size of the bag can be packed into a double bento box, but also can be placed in the water cup, snacks, cutlery, napkins etc.and other daily products, very practical environmental protection. Bento lunch boxes and lunch bag sets are perfect for back-to-school sales, gift sales and promotional holidays.

Crown Classic Speckle


LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: The inner lid of the bento box is equipped with sealed silicone ring and air plug, which can be sealed and leak-proof. Even if the soup is loaded, it is not worried that it will spill out and dirty the backpack.

FOOD-GRADE SAFTY: The double-layer bento box is made of food grade PP material and does not contain BPA. It can pass the test requirements of European and American food contact and meet the test standards of FDA, EU, LFGB and DGCCRF.

MICROWAVE SAFE: The box body is made of food grade PP material, and the inner lid is also made of food grade PP material, which can be heated in the microwave. The inner lid is equipped with a permeable plug, which can be heated in the microwave together with the box body.A simple pull of the plug allows the internal food to be vented as it heats.

DISHWASHER SAFE; The whole bento box is made of PP material, which can be put into the dishwasher for machine washing.

Paramer of Crown Classic Speckle

Item: C0201016


Volume: 4000ml/140oz

Material:100% polyester fabric/PEVA

Heating range:-20-120℃

Paramer of Crown Classic Speckle
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