Dine with Trend & Art in the New CNCROWN Bento Box | Eternal Art and Fashion

What's the hot Morandi color this year? It comes from the famous Italian painter Giorgio Morandi blending with the appropriate grey in the original bright color to have the color become gentle and release the inner comfort and grace. Morandi color is the most "longevity" popular element in the fashion industry. It has captured the hearts of major brands and designers for a long time by virtue of its absolute inclusiveness, languid high sense and powerful healing power. No matter how every popular color and popular element changes, it will always be there. It has been described by the fashion world as a timeless art and trend.

By virtue of its keen fashion insight and understanding of consumers' needs, CNCROWN as a bento box expert launch the most artistic Morandi color bento box in 2019 on the basis of ensuring safety, health and satisfying usage functions. With the new upgrade of the printing process, let us dine with fashion & art

  • PANTONE7605C Red bean powder PANTONE7605C

Based on the fashion color Coral orange in 2019, it is infused with the right proportion of grey and blended with bean paste powder to add matte texture and a warm atmosphere.

  • Pantone 5595C Soot green Pantone 5595C

Fresh and clean mint green is blended with a light grey tone, which gives a softer and fresher look. It gives more delicate and rich emotion.

  • Pantone 536C Haze Blue Pantone 536C

The cool and dreamy glacier color evolves into the elegant blue with the addition of gray, which is permeated with a kind of advanced sense of harmony and sending out a strong healing magnetic field.

  • Pantone Cool Grey 1C

The eternal classic grey is not as pure as black and white but has a more hazy aesthetic feeling and strong tolerance. Playing its versatile advantage, it is more comfortable and natural in a low-key calm.

The whole series of CNCROWN products adopt imported high-quality food-grade PP, which are safe and environmentally friendly. They can be heated in the microwave oven, frozen and washed in the dishwasher. They have passed a number of food-grade tests conducted by the international authoritative testing agency SGS, including FDA of the United States, EU and LFGB, etc. Besides, compared with other plastic materials on the market, it is stronger and not easy to be deformed. While washing better, it is also temperature-resistant, alkali resistant, acid resistant and absolutely free from harmful substances.

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