Do Not Confuse Eco-friendly Lunch Boxes with Freshness-keeping Boxes

With the increasing popularity of office workers and student groups bringing their own meals as lunches, bento-type lunch boxes have begun to become the new darling of the catering market. However, according to the latest survey report by CNCROWN, a considerable proportion of consumers are distinguishing between lunch boxes and fresh-keeping boxes. There are many misunderstandings on this issue, making the original scientific dining style to be a life habit that is harmful to health.

The original intention of the research and development of the fresh-keeping box is actually only for the classification and storage of different foods. Most of them are used in conjunction with refrigerator products. They have the functions of sealing and keeping fresh, preventing moisture evaporation, and isolating air to prevent oxidation. However, many people often use fresh-keeping boxes instead of lunch boxes when they buy food containers. They do not know that it will affect the health of the diners,as the most common plastic fresh-keeping boxes are made of resin materials. The environmentally friendly lunch box represented by CNCROWN has achieved a comprehensive product upgrade. The raw materials are completely non-toxic imported PP materials. Therefore, if the ordinary crisper is used as a lunch box for microwave or oven heating, high temperature decomposition plastic materials can produce harmful substances with great toxins, and even cause carcinogens. Moreover, the fresh-keeping box will expand due to the heating of the air, which causes the inherent sealing performance to decrease, affects the preservation and storage of food when it is used for the second time. According to incomplete statistics when the fresh-keeping box replaces the lunch box product for improper use, the symptoms such as vomiting, gastric acid, and excretion dysfunction from students and younger groups are the most obvious.

On the other hand, lunch meals are mostly hot food. For example, CNCROWN's environmentally friendly lunch box series products rely on the inherent functional system of lunch box products. They not only serve, carry, keep warm, keep fresh, but also refrigeration and other aspects have been perfected, and advanced the experience design concepts, which extend all aspects of the function to be more suitable for younger consumer groups. In contrast, the food storage function of the fresh-keeping box is actually quite lacking in this field.  Not only for the deformation of the box body temperature change and increase,resulting in the spillage of meals and soups, when the box body is in contact with or soaked in high-temperature ingredients for a long time, it will also produce toxic substances with health hazards.

It is reported that, as the current leader in environmentally friendly lunch box products, CNCROWN has completed the innovation and upgrade of the industry's overall technological frontier after several years, especially after taking advantage of the integration of global resources and channels, the main new product lunch box focus more on the characteristics of personalization, cost-effectiveness and practicality. Relatively speaking, an environmentally friendly lunch box with complete functions and safe applications has exceeded the traditional restrictive functions of the fresh-keeping box in all aspects. I believe that it will break the fresh-keeping box and be environmentally friendly. The misunderstanding of the use of lunch boxes and the promotion of the popularization of healthy and scientific dining utensils are only a matter of time.

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