Five Precautions for Using Plastic Lunch Box

Plastic lunch box is a very common household plastic product in our daily life. It is an indispensable plastic container for picnics or hiking. It has beautiful appearance, good heat resistance, environmental protection and health. It is a necessary item for many consumers. Let's take a look at what should be paid attention to when using plastic lunch boxes?

1. Ordinary plastic lunch boxes cannot be put into microwaves and ovens, because plastics will produce substances harmful to the human body at high temperatures. If you often use a microwave oven for cooking, it is best to use a plastic lunch box made of polycarbonate (PC). If you use a high temperature of about 70 degrees for continuous sterilization and washing, please do not exceed 20-30 minutes. The high-heat part of the ordinary dishwasher is at the bottom. In other words, the upper part is subject to indirect heat transfer, so it is best to clean it in the upper part of the dishwasher.

Although plastic products made of polypropylene have a high heat resistance temperature, if they are heated for a long time, the products will be deformed and elongated. Therefore, if you want to use it immediately after cleaning, please soak the plastic lunch box in cold water before using it. This is a good way to prevent deformation.

2. The storage time of different foods is different. Don't rely solely on the sealing ability of the plastic lunch box. You should eat it as soon as possible. When the PP plastic lunch box is used in the microwave oven, it can be heated for a short time, but it cannot be used as a cooking container used in the microwave oven.

3. When the plastic lunch box is put into the microwave oven, the lid joint device must be loosened before use. If the lid is locked and used, the plastic lunch box may deform or burst due to pressure. When used in a microwave oven, if the food contains more oil and sugar, the plastic lunch box will be deformed if the temperature rises rapidly.

4. When cleaning the plastic lunch box, use a soft sponge and do not use a hard dish cloth to avoid scratches and discoloration of the plastic lunch box. When cleaning the silicone resin liner between the lid and the container, please do not pull it forcefully, otherwise it will break or become longer.

5. Hot food will expand the air and reduce the sealing performance of the plastic lunch box. Therefore, you should wait for the food to cool before storing. The bubbles of carbonated drinks such as soda and cola will lose the sealing ability of the plastic lunch box. Please do not store it in the plastic lunch box.

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