CNCROWN Fight Thin Energy Handy When Boxes, Eligible For Home Fashion Awards 2015

September 2015, China set up the only award for Spirit household goods industry - home fashion show came to an end eventually, as the domestic market and innovative environmental boxes home field representative of the brand, CNCROWN with slim series of "ultra-thin 108 convenient block box "design concept and market repercussions with great advantages in one fell swoop removal of the symbol of the highest honour innovative household "Home fashion Awards".


The related awards of this family fashion show were originally established by the Shanghai Brand Promotion Center in 2008 and co-sponsored by Messe Frankfurt, aiming to establish a home furnishing trading platform that showcases contemporary and future trends. While promoting the development of China's furniture industry and the world, this award also exhibits highly affirmative brand recognition for outstanding domestic achievements. In addition, this exhibition is also to cooperate with the internationally renowned design organization iF International Forum Design GmbH, so as to further enhance the professional and public influence of awards in the award selection mechanism. Through the cooperation of Design Asia Ltd., the exihibition strives to establish a new "home fashion" award. As the only award-winning product industry, CNCrown Green Box shoulders the responsibility of the entire industry to explore the mission and responsibility of creative home furnishings, modern home furnishings and the future of home furnishings. Therefore, our products have also attracted widespread attention.

CN CROWN Fight Thin Energy Handy When Boxes, Eligible For Home Fashion Awards 2015

As a mature lunch box factory in China, CNCROWN believes that our main product, CNCROWN Ultra-Thin 108 Block series, has created the ultimate record in the domestic industry in two areas. One is the introduction of ultra-thin design in product design, independent Ultrasonic sealing technology and application integration technology ensure the deliciousness and ease of use of meals; the other is to achieve 100% imported raw materials, 100% prevent secondary waste, recycle materials, and eliminate 100% chemical additives. Passing the food-level certification audit of SGS and other international authoritative testing organizations, our product not only obtained the national utility model patent certificate (ZL2014 2 0055160.1), but also won the praise of consumers after the listing.

It is reported that in another important evaluation of this "Home Fashion Award", the opinions of the expert panel made CNCrown Krone stand out. The experts maintain that our CNCROWN Ultra Thin 108 Block series can definitely be seen as a success in the pursuit of its innovative spirit and pursuit of fashion. This thin bento box series not only represents CNCROWN's philosophy in terms of raw materials, technology and product excellence, but also represents the brand's insistence on innovation and aggressive exploration of correctness, and the future development of more fashionable homes, modern homes, and homes. Thus, this series is for sure well-deserved to get this honour.

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