How to Choose a Bento Box?

When buying a bento box, you have to look at it from several points: material, sealing, function, and weight. Below we start from the material and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various types of bento boxes, so that everyone can choose slowly.

The bento boxes are made of glass, plastic, metal, silicone, ceramic, enamel, etc.

1. Glass bento box

The glass bento box is actually a kind of fresh-keeping box. It is generally composed of heat-resistant glass and plastic cover with many models (1000ml, 800ml, 500ml, 300ml, 150ml, etc.). It has powerful functions, as it can be used as a fresh-keeping box in the refrigerator or in the oven (pay attention to the temperature of the lid), and it can be directly heated in the microwave steamer.

And because the material of the glass bento box is transparent,  it's also suitable for taking photos. But it is generally heavier.

The advantages of the glass bento box: it can be put into a microwave oven, steamer, oven, easy to clean, good airtightness, many models, and good-looking poses.

2. Plastic lunch box

Plastic is a relatively common material for bento boxes, because it can be said to have the advantages of other materials: light, easy to clean, relatively well-sealed, and diverse in styles.

3. Stainless steel bento box

Metals are generally stainless steel and aluminum, with similar advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of stainless steel bento box: easy to clean, good airtightness, multiple models, and optional capacity.

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