How to Remove the Peculiar Smell of the Plastic Bento Boxes?

Plastic bento boxes have been used for a long time because there are too many varieties in them, and it is easy to smell, and even have a bad smell, which cannot be cleaned with detergent. Lemon water can be used to remove the smell. First clean the bento box with detergent or hot water, then pour lemonade into the bento box, pour it out after half an hour, drain the water and put in one or two slices of dried lemon to remove the smell, if you need to sterilize Add vinegar to soak. In addition to lemonade, you can also use milk, fruit peels, tea, salt water, toothpaste, etc. to remove odors. Let's learn about the method of getting rid of the peculiar smell in the plastic bento box!

1. What should I do if the plastic bento box has a peculiar smell?

Plastic bento boxes are light, strong, and resistant to falling, and most of them can be heated directly in the microwave. Many people like to use them. However, if the plastic bento box is used for a long time, there will be a peculiar smell that cannot be washed off, which makes people depressed. At this time, you can use lemonade to remove the peculiar smell of the plastic bento box.

(1) Dry cleaning, wipe the oily plastic bento box with a paper towel, and then wash it with detergent or hot water directly.

(2) Soak in lemonade, take a slice of lemon, soak the lemon slice in boiling water, pour it into a cleaned plastic bento box and soak for about half an hour. Lemon has a bactericidal effect and has a fresh taste. Soaking the bento box with lemon water can not only clean the bento box, but also easily remove the odor.

(3) Air-dried, the plastic bento box soaked in lemon water should be drained, and then put 1-2 slices of dried lemon in the bento box with drained water, so as to remove the peculiar smell.

(4) If there is a need for sterilization, you can pour a little vinegar into the plastic bento box, heat the water and soak for about 10 minutes, and clean it to sterilize and deodorize.

2. Deodorizing methods for plastic bento boxes

(1) Milk deodorization method

Clean it with detergent first, then pour two tablespoons of fresh milk into the tableware, cover it, and shake it so that every corner of the cup is in contact with the milk for about one minute, then pour out the milk and clean the tableware.

(2) Peel deodorization method

Clean the bento box first with detergent, then put fresh orange peels in it, cover it, and leave it for about 3 to 4 hours to clean it. Pomelo peels and other peels are rich in aromatic substances that can be used for deodorization, because they have rich pores that can absorb odors and impurities.

(3) Deodorization of waste tea leaves

Tea leaves have small gaps, which can absorb odors and impurities. You can take dry tea leaves and put them in a lunch box to absorb the odor of a plastic bento box, but it will take a long time. There are tea stains.

(4) Soaking in salt water to remove odor

Salt has the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammation. The peculiar smell of the bento box may be caused by the growth of bacteria. Sprinkle some salt in the bento box and soak it in clean water for half an hour.

(5) toothpaste cleaning method

Toothpaste has a strong ability to remove stains and deodorize. If the plastic bento box has peculiar smell, you can squeeze a piece of toothpaste to clean the bento box. After washing, the peculiar smell can be removed. If you don't like the smell of toothpaste, you can rinse it several times.

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