How to Say Goodbye to Takeout? Start by Understanding the Categories of Adult Bento Boxes and Lunch Bags

Ⅰ. Classification of adult lunch boxes according to their functions

1. Divided lunch containers for adults

Divided lunch containers for adults have multiple partition, the meal, vegetables are partition received no problem paste paste, clean and simple, and do not cross taste. And there are also designed separately tableware box to place spoon chopsticks, all things, which can be carried namely.

2. Insulated lunch box for adults

The insulation effect of adult thermal insulation box can be maintained for 6 hours when it is above 54 degrees, and it can be maintained for 6 hours at a temperature above 57 degrees after it is put into a special bag. And when there are no heating tools available in your environment, it's necessary to buy an insulated lunch carrier.

3. Healthy bento boxes for adults

Healthy bento boxes for adults are made of environmentally friendly non-toxic material, which is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and healthy, environmental protection, and durable. The product is more in line with the needs of consumers for health, which can be used repeatedly.

4. Leak proof lunch containers for adults

Leak proof lunch container for adults has a leak proof silicone seal ring to ensure that everything in the container is leak proof and free from odor, which is perfect for school lunches, work lunches, picnics, camping and road trips.

5. Microwavable lunch containers for adults

Microwavable lunch containers for adults are designed for use by office workers who have microwave ovens. However, to be on the safe side, take the lid off your microwave lunch container before you heat it up.

Ⅱ. the classification of lunch bag

1. Insulated lunch bags for women

During the cold winter, having a hot meal feeling is a gift from God. Furthermore, it can belong to their own health and delicious, which the takeaway can  not replace. Insulated lunch bags for women are designed for women, with a variety of beautiful patterns. At the same time without fear of cold, with super heat preservation effect, not only can show your cuisine, but also can let you get virtuous public praise.

2. Lunch bag for men

Although the lunch bag for men does not have the appearance of bright colors, the color is more fashionable and sporty. The deep opening design makes it easy to take and put the items in the bag, which is more suitable for men to carry.

After introducing the classification of bento box and meal bag, do you want to have your own bento box and meal bag? Welcome to choose Xiamen Create Living Co., Ltd. to purchase, our products are of good quality, good insulation effect, worthy of your trust!

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