Bento Lunch Box Containers For Kids & Adults

As a professional designer, manufacturer and seller of bento boxes and other portable tableware, CNCROWN advocates getting product design inspiration from consumers' life and integrating craftsmanship to benefit life.

With more than ten years of experience, we have keen insight into the needs of consumers and strive to exceed consumers' expectations on the basis of satisfying the product's own functions.

According to the different needs of consumers of different ages, we have developed portable food carrier for different age groups. Let each age group of consumers have their own bento utensils, so as to have a more convenient dining life.

Bento Boxes For Kids

With the design of pig-nose and a straw cup, this series of CNCROWN healthy lunch box for kids not only has a colourful and cute cartoon appearance, which is attractive to kids, but it also conducts a strict selection of materials. All materials of our children's bento lunch boxes are strictly in line with international food contact level standards. They are safe and environmentally friendly; With good sealing performance, these kids lunch boxes can also greatly eliminate the problem of dripping, and they are light, easy to carry, durable and not afraid of falling. Thus, as a professional lunch box factory, CNCROWN wants to make kids bento boxes that are more in line with the needs of children's bento appliances.

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Lunch Solutions by Ages

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Bento Boxes For Adults

Aiming to provide professional solutions to adults as well, CNCROWN also manufactures different lunch box containers for adults. Though utilizing different raw materials, such as stainless steel, natural bamboo, or plastics, the adult lunch containers produced by CNCROWN all possess the following irreplaceable materials:

  • Slim design: With a slim design, all of our bento boxes can solve the problem of leakage. They can handle wet foods pretty well.

  • Safety Assuring: Using only the materials that can pass LFGB, EU and FDA food contact level test, our bento boxes for adults are totally harmless to human bodies and can contact food directly. 

  • Removable compartments: As most of our bento boxes for adults come with flexible compartments, they can greatly meet the different needs of their users. 

Following are some of our popular lunch box containers for adults:

Healthy Bento Boxes For Adults

Leak Proof Lunch Containers For Adults

Lunch Box Containers For Adults

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