Bento Food Box Solutions

Aiming to produce bento boxes that satisfy the needs of our customers the most, CNCROWN advocates getting product design inspiration from consumers' life and integrating craftsmanship to benefit life.

As a professional lunch box factory with more than ten years of experience, we have keen insight into the needs of consumers and strive to exceed consumers' expectations on the basis of satisfying the product's own functions.

According to the dietary habits and main ingredients of different countries in the world, starting from the premise of storing different ingredients, we have developed a series of targeted portable food items. Each kind of food has its own container, and the tools are organized according to their own functions which creates a healthy, delicious, convenient and leisurely mealtime.

Salad Bento Box

Specially developed for people who like salad, the body of the double-layer bento salad box design is also set up a separate sauce box, 3 separate trays, so that all kinds of ingredients are placed separately to ensure no flavor, Patent sealed structure, achieve tray and remove tray can be sealed, retain the freshness for the customers to enjoy more fresh salad.

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Multi-Function Bento Cup Series

It provides convenient cups for nutritious breakfast and delicate afternoon tea. The upper and lower cups share the same lid and ensure good sealing, giving them more convenient and versatile functions.

  1. Top oatmeal + bottom milk = a cup of rich oatmeal milk.

  2. Top pastry + bottom drink = a delicious afternoon tea, top fruit + bottom lettuce = healthy and nutritious salad, more delicious functions waiting for you to explore together

Bento Lunch Box Lunch Solutions

Lunch Box With Separate Compartments

It is designed for consumers who need more nutrition ingredients and an exquisite diet. There are one and two small compartments inside. The large compartment of the sandwich box with compartments is the size of a standard sandwich, while the small compartment is supplemented by fruits and dried fruits to nourish UP. Good sealing preservation function; Opened up a tableware storage layer to solve the problem of using tableware.

Separate Bento Box Sandwich Box Series

Multifunctional Convenience Bowl

For consumers who need multi-purpose, can contain soup, porridge, noodles, rice and other food bowls, large capacity, sealed, with tableware. It can be heated in a microwave oven, sealed and stewed without pressure, the handle is anti-hot, the cover on the storage layer also has the function of rotating handle, which can be used for work and home. With the sealing screw part, for better cleaning, the thread is minimized through efforts and experiments, but the tightness is the same.

Multifunctional Convenience Bowl

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