Please don't neglect the importance of lunch accessories in your bento life, which can make your bento life more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.

Types of Lunch Box Accessories

Cutlery Set
Tableware set is an indispensable part of bento life. Our tableware set is both safe and practical. It is made by food contact grade materials and has many space-saving and thoughtful designs to improve the use experience.
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Sauce Containers
The sauce container is made of food-grade materials with good seals, It can carry more flavorful sauces and can be eaten on the go. The application in bento life has greatly improved the delicacy and freshness of food.
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FAQs of Accessories

Can we customized the color/logo/package?

Yes, it is all the time welcomed, more than 80% of the products are ordered in customized requirements which are more popular in the market.

What kind of accessories can you buy to go with your bento box?

We can offer kinds of cutlery set and sauce containers, free collocation are available.

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