Bamboo Style Double-Layer Bento Box
Bamboo Style Double-Layer Bento Box
Bamboo Style Double-Layer Bento Box

Bamboo Style Double-Layer Bento Box

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Parameter of Bamboo Style Double-Layer Bento Box

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Features of Bamboo Style Double-Layer Bento Box

  • Natural bamboo cover, full of natural flavor, in line with food contact level standards, safe and healthy;

  • Imported food contact grade PP material approved by the authority, which is qualified to pass LFGB, EU, FDA testing to satisfy demands from Europe and US markets. The features of the material are safe and assured, strong and durable, not easy to deformation;

  • The classic structure design is also practical Double layer vertical tie, single layer horizontal tie, portable and on-demand. The two-layer box body and a movable divider make food classification more convenient and prevent flavor. Space is opened up between the top lid and inside lid to placed tableware;

  • Multiple seals makes soup leakproof High-quality silica gel strip: turn over many times, seal no leakage, easy to carry; Elastic band: stable structure, repeated stretching is not easy to deformation; Automatic air valve: airtight without opening the inner cover, directly into the microwave oven;

  • More sweet details inner removable divider: the free proportion of food classification to prevent flavor. Handclasp design: stable structure, easy to open. The surface of the body is micro-frosted to improve its texture and touch. Can be directly microwaved and frozen;

  • Heating range: -20°C - 120°C

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