Cute Pig Nose Water Bottle
Cute Pig Nose Water Bottle
Cute Pig Nose Water Bottle

Cute Pig Nose Water Bottle

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Parameter of Cute Pig Nose Water Bottle

Item No.:C0203018


Features of Cute Pig Nose Water Bottle   

  • The whole cup is made of food contact material conforming to international standards, free of BPA, safe, odorless and healthy;

  • high-quality silica gel bar to ensure the sealing performance, screw structure fixed structure and balance air valve, further strengthen the sealing performance, inverted no leakage;

  • V-shaped suction pipe prevents water choking and sucks more easily;

  • convenient button, one press the soft and slow open, to avoid too large elastic force accidentally hurt the baby;

  • strong and tough material characteristics, durable resistance to fall and  grind;

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry;

  • Microwave, frozen and dishwasher safe;

  • the surface is slightly frosted texture, feel good;

  • Inner wall mirror process, easy to clean without oil.

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