Bento cutlery set is an indispensable part of bento life. Our cutlery set is both safe and practical. Produced by CNCROWN, the bento cutlery set is made by food contact grade materials and has many space-saving and thoughtful designs to improve the user experience. It does be worth a try.

Types of Cutlery Set

FAQs of Cutlery Set

Which materials are used in curlery set?


PE, PP, PS, PBT, AS, ABS and Husk Fiber.

What are the different types of cutlery?


Fork, Spoon, Knife, Chopstick and etc.

Bento Lunch Box Solutions
As a professional bento box factory, CNCROWN produces bento lunch boxes & kits which are suitable for students, office worker, housewife, etc. Healthy living starts with cooking by yourself!
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