Fashion Cutlery Set
Fashion Cutlery Set
Fashion Cutlery Set (Fork, Spoon & Knife)
Fashion Cutlery Set
Fashion Cutlery Set

Fashion Cutlery Set

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Parameter of Fashion Cutlery Set

Item No.:C0205009/10/11/12


Size:162 x 62 x 20mm/162x82x20mm
Color:Available Regular & Customized
Packing:Standard & Customized

Features of Fashion Cutlery Set

  • Four Choice of the portable spoon and fork set: Fork, Spoon & Knife/Fork & Spoon/Spoon & Chopstick/Spoon & Chopstick & fork

  • Adopt food contact materials conforming to international standards, BPA free, safe, odorless and healthy;

  • Light and ultra-thin pull-out design make storage more simple and convenient to carry.

  • cutlery holder, support two for one, smart save space, use more efficient.

  • There are various combinations of chopsticks spoon, fork spoon, chopsticks fork spoon and knife fork spoon;

  • The segmented nesting design of chopsticks as following guides:

        1) Open the top to take out the built-in chopsticks;

        2) Link the chopsticks to another piece of chopsticks and then cover the top;

        3) Finish the splicing.

  • The surface of micro-frosted sand is easy to clean;

  • Changeable colors can be customized;

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