Felt Lunch Box Bag
Felt Lunch Box Bag
Felt Lunch Box Bag
Felt Lunch Box Bag
Felt Lunch Box Bag
Felt Lunch Box Bag
Felt Lunch Box Bag
Felt Lunch Box Bag

Felt Lunch Box Bag

As a professional lunch bag manufacturer, CNCROWN has also launched the series of Felt Lunch Box Bag. Made of premium eco-felt cloth, these felt lunch box bags are not only applicable under various circumstances, but they are also highly wearable. Its large opening design makes it a perfect container for different water bottles and lunch boxes. 

If you are still looking for the container to place all your lunch box cutlery set, this series of felt lunch box bag can then be your perfect choice.

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Parameter of Felt Lunch Box Bag

Item No.:M02010007

FELT/420D/aluminum  film



Features of Felt Lunch Box Bag

  • Felt cloth, safe and environmental protection, thick insulation, beautiful and generous;

  • Food contact grade aluminum foil is safe, durable, thermal, waterproof, easy to wash and can directly touch food to ensure your health and that of your family.

  • Large opening design is convenient for taking and putting articles;

  • Oxford cloth handle design for better cleaning;

  • Skeleton support on the bottom of the felt lunch bag make the bag more rigid and more wear-resistant;

  • Pressed edge sewing, not easy to loose edge;

  • The use of high-quality zippers is smooth.

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