CNCROWN heated bento lunch box uses food-contact grade material. Coming with a simple and fashionable appearance design, this series can make the food heating become simple and convenient. It can achieve independent heating and can easily create a single and safe dining environment. 

Aiming to become the best lunch box factory in China, CNCROWN strives to produce high-quality electric bento lunch boxes that can help you to save time for lunch instead of waiting in line for a hot meal.

Types of Heated Bento Lunch Box

FAQs of Heated Lunch Box

Do electric lunch boxes work?


If you use a heated lunch box, it will also save you time. You don't have to wait in line to heat food in the office microwave. You can plug the electric lunch box into your desk. By lunchtime, you can prepare the food.

How do you clean an electric lunch box?


Easy to clean - Cast aluminum liner is removable for easy cleaning. Do not wash the whole lunch box in water. Make sure the cable plug is dry.

Bento Lunch Box Solutions
As a professional bento box factory, CNCROWN produces bento lunch boxes & kits which are suitable for students, office worker, housewife, etc. Healthy living starts with cooking by yourself!
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