Bento Lunch Box

In the research and development of good bento lunch boxes, CNCROWN adheres to the spirit of innovation and excellence, many eco-friendly products have been developed such as food-grade PP, rice husk fiber, natural bamboo, 100% degradable PLA, etc.

In terms of the application of shape and color, CNCROWN bento lunch box follows the fashion trend and has its own ideas striving to gain insight into the market trend and consumer demand, the beautiful bento boxes have various styles such as plastic bento lunch box and nature bamboo top lid bento lunch box. They can meet the personalized needs of different countries, ages and consumers.

In the functional development of bento lunch boxes, universality and personalization should be promoted simultaneously, On the basis of meeting the basic functions, more personalized design are provided according to the different needs of customers, so as to make the high quality lunch box exceed the expectations.

As a mature lunch box factory in China, CNCROWN is specialized in manufacturing bento box bulk with competitive price, RFQ now!

Types of Bento Lunch Box

Plastic Bento Lunch Box
Cncrown contact-grade plastic bento lunch boxes come in a variety of shapes, colors, and prints. Food-grade plastic bento boxes are not only non-toxic, tasteless, healthy and eco friendly, but also strong and durable.
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Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box
Cncrown stainless steel bento lunch box, made of food contact grade material, safe and healthy. The perfect combination of stainless steel and plastic materials with the smart design creates products more in line with consumers' needs.
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Heatproof Glass Bento Lunch Box
Based on the original glass tupperware in the industry, Cncrown glass bento lunch box has created many humanized functions and details, making it a real glass bento box and satisfying more expectations of consumers.
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Husk Fiber Bento Lunch Box
CNCROWN rice husk bento lunch box, natural rice husk fiber, environmentally friendly and degradable, food contact grade material, safe and healthy, surface natural rice husk wax, mildew proof and easy to clean.
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Heated Bento Lunch Box
CNCROWN heating bento lunch box, food-contact grade material, simple and fashionable appearance design, make the food heating become simple and convenient, achieve independent heating, single and safe dining environment.
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Nature Bamboo Top Lid Bento Lunch Box
CNCROWN bamboo series of bento lunch boxes take natural environmental protection as the initial concept, using natural bamboo and wood materials to do an organic combination of a variety of environmental protection materials.
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FAQs of Bento Lunch Boxes

What kinds of lunch boxes can you offer?

We can offer Plastic Lunch Box, Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Heatproof Glass Lunch Box, Husk Fiber Lunch Box, Heated Lunch Box and Nature Bamboo Top Lid Lunch Box.

Are bento boxes healthy?

Bentos are healthy: As you prepare them regularly, you can be sure you are eating the freshest meals, without additives or chemicals. Bentos are balanced: Bentos consist traditionally of rice, fish or meat, and pickled, raw or cooked vegetables. ... Some people have even bento boxes collections.

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