Water Bottle

The portable water bottle is made of food contact grade material, it is strong, tough and breakable, with good sealing performance, delicate and compact appearance, lightweight and easy to carry, with many USES, it can hold both liquid and dry goods, with good sealing effect.

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Types of Water Bottle

Plastic Water Bottle
It is safe, non-toxic and BPA free. dishwasher, microwavable and frozen safe., and it is light and easy to carry.
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Husk Fiber Water Bottle
Made of natural rice husk fiber, safe and healthy, free of heavy metals, plasticizer, in line with international food contact level standards, mildew proof and easy to clean.
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FAQs of Water Bottle

Does it leakproof?

Yes, it is leakproof with the silicone ring structure.

What is the function or use for the cups? 

It can be used for dry food or liquid water or soup, or whatever food you want.  

What can water bottles be applied?

Soup, water, juice, fruit, dried fruit and snacks.

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