Quality Control

CNCROWN full range of products are all food-grade which are qualified by test standards such as EU, LFGB, FDA and so on by international authoritative testing institutions of SGS and CTI, etc.

CNCROWN has introduced advanced ERP smart manufacturing management system to integrate information technology and manufacturing technology. It runs through all aspects of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management, and service, and truly realizes personnel management, equipment management, material management, production management. Quality control management, data collection, pre-warning management, mobile applications and all other links are scientific and orderly so as to achieve traceability of product material sources and product production processes to ensure efficient production and consistent quality.

Implementing a comprehensive quality management policy, each product has undergone meticulous technological processes and strict inspection procedures to ensure the best product quality.

Quality Control

As a professional lunch box factory in China, CNCROWN possesses dozens of experienced quality control staff with the mission to provide high-quality products, and will always bear this mission in mind. 

The incoming plastic raw materials such as PP、PE、ABS and PC are all with strict quality audit standard and attached with related certificates of competency, to ensure a 100% pass rate. During production, they continuously monitor and control each process to get to the established standards, maintaining high-quality production level. They adopt not only their rich experience but also the accurate instrument to detect the products, providing genuine high-quality products to customers.      

In addition to a complete quality control process, there is also a complete management system of product information. QC Department has the specially-assigned person to reserve and manage product-related information timely, including electronic data, management information, production information, version information, etc. It is just like lifting a finger for us to pay attention to product information, but it would bring great convenience and benefits to the customers, which is also one of the green management styles we have been pursuing the long term.

At present, the enterprise is in a vigorous and rapid development period. We still pay great value to quality while pursuing sound development. In five years, we strive to achieve the output value of more than 30 million USD, employers more than 2 thousand, and Guanhua become a world-famous plastic brand. Based on the service idea of providing high quality and green products for the customers, the company has been continuously making innovation and sticking to the quality. Welcome the business partners to develop with us together hand in hand. 

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