Relive Vintage Lunch Boxes in the 1950s

Ⅰ. The image of using vintage lunch boxes 1950s

In the 1950s, we can always see such a scene: many people in the agencies often take the lunch by themselves to work, and when they arrive at the lunch box is put aside in the boiler room first, someone who's in charge at noon when heated to a steaming hot, everybody hand pad a cloth from the drawer take out quickly, and then find different places, often people with meat dishes clamping piece of meat thrown into meat dishes of colleagues in the lunch box, chat a few laughs. The vintage lunch box 1950s holds several generations of memories, so to speak.

Ⅱ. The advantages of the vintage lunch box

In fact, the vintage lunch boxes 1950s were a knid of an aluminum chinese bento lunch box covered in an acidic film that makes it less prone to wear, bacteria that can form in surface scratches, and corrosion. Advantages of an old-fashioned lunch box:

1. Good hand feeling and appearance;

2. Easy to clean;

3. Memories of the years.

I believe that many people in that era still remember this aluminum lunch box, representing the mark of their school days or work days, full of nostalgia, the winter around the stove small hot pot when it is indispensable shadow. If you also want to revisit this classic vintage lunch box, you can go to the website of Xiamen Create Living Co., Ltd.

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