The Advantages of PP Plastic Bento Boxes

The PP plastic bento box is a plastic container made of food-grade PP raw materials for the convenience of food preservation, packaging and heating. It is a household plastic product that is ubiquitous in our daily life and an indispensable plastic container in household food storage. So what are the advantages of PP plastic bento boxes?

1. The raw materials of the plastic bento boxes

As consumers pay more and more attention to health, people are concerned about whether the materials used in PP plastic bento boxes are healthy. Hygienic and safe food-grade PP material that is harmless to human is the material for making PP plastic bento boxes.

2. The transparent appearance of the plastic bento boxes

The PP plastic bento box is generally made of transparent or translucent materials. In this way, you can easily confirm the items of boxes without opening boxes when you use it. Superior PP plastic bento box has a glossy appearance, beautiful design and no burrs.

3. The heat resistance of the plastic bento boxes

The PP plastic bento box has high standards for heat resistance. It will not deform in high-temperature water and can even be sterilized in boiling water. You can heat food directly in the microwave, which is more convenient.

4. The durability of the plastic bento boxes

The PP plastic bento box has superior impact resistance. It is not easy to fracture under heavy weight or impact, and will not leave scratches.

5. The tightness of the plastic bento boxes

We should consider the tightness at first when choosing PP plastic bento boxes. Although products from different brands are sealed differently, excellent sealing is a must for the long-lasting freshness of stored food.

6. The preservation of the plastic bento boxes

The international sealing standard is evaluated by the moisture permeability test. The moisture permeability of high-quality PP plastic bento boxes is 200 times lower than that of similar products, which can keep the food fresh for a longer time.

7. The space saving of the plastic bento boxes

According to the needs of life, the PP plastic bento boxes of different sizes and different properties are designed to make life more convenient.

With reasonable designs, the PP plastic bento boxes of various sizes can be placed and combined in an orderly manner, keeping neat and saving space.

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