What is the Difference Between a Glass Bento Box and a Plastic Bento Box?

As consumers pay more and more attention to health, people pay more attention to the health of the materials used in the bento box itself. Poor choices will have a negative impact on our health.

The types of bento boxes on the market is really dazzling. Some of the bento boxes are not up to standard. After contact with food, the toxic substances inside may enter the human body through the food, which is harmful to health. Therefore, we should be especially cautious when buying bento boxes to avoid "poisoning through the mouth."

1. Features of plastic lunch box

The plastic lunch box is popular with people for its low price and beautiful appearance, and it is widely used in daily life.

Plastic bento boxes have the advantages of being easy to carry and wear-resistant, but the plastic bento box market is more complicated. Some unqualified plastic bento boxes contain a lot of harmful substances. The heated plastic products will release plasticizers, and these harmful substances will be transferred to food, which can interfere with human endocrine secretion, affect the reproductive system, cause genotoxicity, and have a great risk of cardiovascular disease. It also has great damage to the liver and urinary system. Moreover, if used for a long time, it will be passed on to the next generation through genes.

Plastic bento boxes can add some high-quality PP, our products are mainly plastic with a small amount of glass!

2. The characteristics of the glass bento box

The crystal clear glass lunch box is the most environmentally friendly portable tableware today, and it is very heat-resistant, so many consumers would like to buy glass lunch box.

The glass bento box will not release harmful substances to contaminate food at high temperatures. High borosilicate heat-resistant glass has a relatively small thermal expansion coefficient, a high safety factor, and is not easy to break under rapid temperature changes. It will never self-explode like tempered glass. The glass lunch box has low expansion, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, and a series of excellent properties such as corrosion and high strength.

It has a wide range of resistance to sudden temperature changes (≥120℃) and heat resistance up to 500℃. Heat-resistant glass is mostly used in utensils, milk bottles, fresh-keeping boxes, experimental beakers, etc.

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