What Kinds of Materials Are Available for the Tiffin Box? What Types of Tiffin Bags Can Be Classified According to Their Use?

Though takeaway food is really convenient, it is still, after all, unhealthy. Thus, it is of great significance for numerous workers to bring their meals with the tiffin carrier bags or boxes to the company. Currently, the tiffin carrier boxes/bags can be mainly divided into three types in accordance with their materials: plastic, steel, and glass. And each kind of these lunch boxes or bags has different advantages. Thus, when choosing your tiffin carrier, it is important to pay attention to its sealing performance, thermal insulation, plastic accessories, capacity, weight and interlayer.

In general, a tiffin lunch bag/box can greatly help the lunch box to lock the nutrients and taste. Having the characteristics of waterproof and dirty-resistance, tiffin carrier bags and boxes can keep the food at the right temperature.

1. Different Types of Tiffin Boxes

  • Plastic tiffin box

The quality of the plastic tiffin box is generally very light and easy to carry, but the plastic tiffin carrier with poor quality will produce certain toxicity when heated. We must pay attention to strict selection. The commonly used safe material is PP material (polypropylene).

  • Steel tiffin carrier

The steel tiffin carrier has the function of heat preservation. Normally, the performance of stainless steel carrier is better. It is also convenient for cleaning and has the traits of corrosion resistance and low-temperature resistance. Its capacity is large and can be layered.

  • Glass tiffin box

Glass tiffin box is non-toxic and harmless. Among all the tiffin boxes, its usage is the most secure one. This kind of lunch box can be heated by microwave, and it is normally easy to clean. And its sealing is generally very good and exerts no strange smell.

2. Different Types of Tiffin Carrier Bags Based On Usage

  •  For school use

The tiffin bags for school have a variety of colours. They are normally safe, non-toxic and has an odourless partition. With the convenient design of disconnecting and closing wrist clasp, the tiffin carrier bags for school uses are normally not easy for students to lose when carrying. Some even add the thoughtful design of the canteen pocket and the built-in name tag, which is convenient for students to use at school so that they will not get confused over the lunch bag of other students.

  • For office use

Tiffin bags for office generally have a double thermal insulation effect. As for the surface colour, it also has the function of anti-dirt. Take our felt lunch bag as an example, its grey colour can perfectly cover specks of dirt or other greases.  The tiffin bag for office use is usually compact and easy to close, and it will not fall off even if it is placed in a crowded bus or subway on the commuting road. They can perfectly meet the needs of office workers.

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