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CN Crown Is A Reliable Chinese Lunch Box Supplier

We are a Chinese lunch box factory specialized in lunch box design, develop and manufacture for more than 20 years. We have a strong R&D team to offer OEM service, ODM service, and customizable lunch box services. CN Crown design team won China good design in 2015, red dot award in 2020 with original lunch box design. All of the products are designed by our own team, each bento lunch box has applied apprearance design patent and utility patent in China. We are confident to speak that CN CROWN is the most professional lunch box supplier in China, our lunch box quality is positioning in the high-end market, so lunch box quality is absolutely reliable. but the lunch box design is to serve all levels of consumer groups, to meet the needs of consumers of all ages. Outstanding product design, competitive price, first-class service level, CN Crown has been committed to provide customers with safe and healthy bento boxes, we want to create not only bento box products, but also to promote a healthier lifestyle.

How Are Lunch Box Wholesale Prices Determined?

As a lunch box factory, we have the ability of independent production, so we have relatively more advantages in cost control. In addition to regular lunch box bulk orders, we welcome customers to negotiate with us for larger orders. The larger the order, the better the price. For those factors that affect the price, usually reflected in product design, materials, printing, packaging, etc., but the larger the order, the more advantageous the unit price. For more information on lunch box wholesale prices, please contact us for further information. Welcome inquiry RIGHT NOW.

You Can Choose These Lunch Box Materials And Compartments For Your Lunch Box Bulk Orders

Our lunch box factory can mainly produce conventional plastic materials including PP, ABS, Tritan,PC,PE, TPE, etc., eco-friendly materials including rice husk fiber, wheat straw fiber, bio-based PLA material, etc.  We can produce products made of these types of materials. Because we have a very professional and strong design and R&D team, we can also support the customized development of many kitchenware products other than bento boxes, such as colanders, conditioning bowls, sports bottle, kids water cups and other products related to plastic materials.  We also welcome customers with such development needs to come to us for custom development. 

For ODM or custom lunch box services to our clients, we also have rich development experiences, if customers have any design ideas, our design team will do product design according to the customer's idea and requirement,  combine with the characteristics of the target market and eating habits of products for consumers. For example, if the bento box is single-layer and has multiple compartments, we will design the number and size of compartments of the bento box according to the local eating habits and food characteristics. For the habit of taking soup, the product should meet the functional characteristics of leakage prevention. We also design special products for different foods such as bread boxes, soup cups, yogurt cups, sandwich boxes and so on. All to customer demand as the starting point, to market sales as the guidance, to ensure that our designed bento lunch boxes have selling points, market, practical and beautiful and popular.

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